The KC BBQ Truck takes pride in serving 'Honest Food'. While everything we serve is not 100% organic, we strive to keep all our food products 'honest', like grandma use to make. Honest means it contains what you think it should contain...sugar, flour, pork, beef, cabbage, not ingredients with names containing polysorbate, glutemate, and hydrolyzed. Our meat comes from animals, dairy comes from cows, sweet things contain real sugar, and our rubs are free of MSG and preservatives. We are always looking for new products that are all natural and are free of carcinogens found in most prepared foods today. Your grandma never put high fructose corn syrup in her baked beans.... neither do we!

All of our meat is minimally processed and not injected with a mysterious 'solution' to enhance flavor and tenderness. We enhance flavor and tenderness by selecting premium cuts of meat, seasoning them with our secret blend of MSG-free rubs, and slow-smoking them to perfection. No soy proteins, fillers, or other garbage. We hand craft all of our award winning side dishes as well. We offer cool and creamy coleslaw, special recipe potato salad, cheesy potato casserole, and our infamous BBQ beans. Once again all with the minimum amount of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Our pledge is to serve the most flavorful and wholesome food money can buy. We'll leave all that other stuff in your cereal box.